The Association of Dairy Processors in Bulgaria (BADP) was established in Sofia on 12 March 1991 and is a voluntary non for profit Association.BADP is represented by the Chairperson Mr. Dimitar Zorov.

BADP has currently 73 members. The Association processes about 65% of Bulgarian raw milk producing around 70% of Bulgarian dairy products. The Association represents and defends the interests of its members, the Bulgarian dairy producers; it cooperates with veterinaries and scientific centres inside and outside Bulgaria giving legislative and technical advices on milk production and related activities, including the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with the European Union dairy production rules. The Association also notifies its members about the new dairy processing standards to improve the quality and increase the variety of dairy products.

BADP is a member of the European Dairy Association since 2001 and a member of Copa-Cogeca since 2010.

BADP is a recognized partner of the government, state institutions and various public organizations.